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About us

More than a consulting firm…

Radius Global Consulting is a marketing and strategy consulting firm that provides advisory services to education institutions, government, not-for-profit organizations and private sector clients whose success relies on understanding the local and global education sector. Comprised of international marketing and business development specialists, Radius creates sustainable growth through successful expansion into emerging international education markets.

Why Radius…

As a trusted and reliable partner, we assist education institutions and private enterprise expand their outreach in India and Asia. We support our clients though all stages of their market entry strategy:

Access to business development opportunities and strategic partnerships in emerging education markets

Recruit high quality leads to your education institution or enterprise

Improve international enrollment, tuition revenue and student recruitment

Maintain quality control over agency network

Provide customized, high-quality student service solutions

Data Driven Insights to support strategic decision making

Our team of dedicated professionals offer innovative strategies to help your organization create a sustainable competitive advantage in emerging education markets. With our global outreach and extensive network of regional experts and local advisors, Radius is available to assist you in managing and growing your outreach in India and Southeast Asia.

our services


Radius offers customized services to help education, public and private institutions succeed in foreign education markets. 

Competition in the global job market is leading to increased student mobility as learners search for education and training opportunities in emerging industries and new technologies.

Radius offers customized services to help education, public and private institutions succeed in foreign education markets.

We offer tailored services, including interim management and on-the-ground operational support to help run your global operations in-country.

At Radius, we can support you through the initial stages of exploring a market, developing your marketing strategy, overseeing administration and in-country operations.

Radius offers a broad range of high-quality market research services to provide your institution or private enterprise with timely and accurate market intelligence needed to support your international marketing efforts.

Radius offers a range of high quality advisory and support services to help institutions successfully establish business operations in India and other foreign markets.